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Credit without prepayment | Take out a loan without upfront costs


As a consumer, you always endeavor to keep all financial aspects within a tolerable and manageable range. Nobody likes to spend more money than is really necessary. This is not only true when shopping, but also when taking out a loan. Here, too, the costs should be as low as possible. And not just for the annual percentage rate, but also for the other costs that may arise around a loan.

Even if it is difficult to imagine, there are still loan offers today that involve preliminary costs. As a borrower, you have to make advance payments so that a credit broker or another financial service provider can take action and look for a suitable loan offer for you. So that you can take out a loan without upfront costs and therefore do not have to make an advance payment, we have put together all the facts for you about a loan without upfront costs.

Why preliminary costs?

Why preliminary costs?

Banks and savings banks do not charge any upfront costs in our beautiful country to be able to work for you. You can get every loan there without any upfront costs. And even for a loan request that may not result in a loan, you don’t have to pay fees and the like. The preparation of an offer is always free and non-binding and is part of the service provided by the banking houses. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not make too many credit inquiries at once and always use a comparison calculator for a comparison. If you contact the various banks directly for the comparison and call your Credit Bureau to be able to make a precise offer, this can have a negative impact on your creditworthiness. The queries are stored in the Credit Bureau. If there are many queries at once, this can lower the score and reduce your chances of a good loan offer. However, if you only use a comparison calculator on the Internet, the Credit Bureau query will only take place once you have decided on an offer.

With a loan through a credit intermediary, things look very different with the preliminary costs. Credit brokers are used on the shelf when a loan without Credit Bureau must be used. Some of them work with no upfront costs and can therefore offer a loan with no upfront costs. Others, in turn, have their services paid well in advance and justify their upfront costs with the expenses they are supposed to have to find a suitable loan.

We recommend that you do not go into such offers as they are rarely of a serious nature. There are plenty of alternatives for a loan with no upfront costs. Even if you do not have a good Credit Bureau and therefore have to resort to a foreign loan or a personal loan. Because in many cases there is nothing left of your upfront costs and in the end you do not have a loan that you can use. For this, the agent has earned well on you. And you certainly don’t want that.

Go on your own search

Go on your own search

If you want to make sure that you can take out a loan without any upfront costs, then you have to go on your own to search for a loan. Do not contact an intermediary, but use a comparison calculator to find worthwhile offers.

Always keep in mind that if you have an unfavorable credit rating, less good loan offers are waiting for you. Therefore, always try to keep your credit rating at a good level. If necessary, add a second applicant or contact a bank in Liechtenstein. There you get excellent small loans that are granted independently of the Credit Bureau. You can get the contact you need by going to the banks’ website and downloading the loan application form. There you will also find all the key data relating to the loan offer and can freely decide whether such a loan would be suitable for you at no extra cost.

Take your time when deciding on a loan and always look carefully at who your potential lender is. Not that you end up with a credit broker who asks you to make a prepayment via detours such as insurance.


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